Yes & Amen (Jovie)

If already you know the Morans, you love them. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting them, we guarantee, you will love them. They are simply those kind of people. We have the privilege of calling them friends and we can't wait to see the next season of their lives unfold.

Mike & Karen Moran have been married almost 12 years and they always knew that they would one day be parents and raise a family. Early on in their marriage, God placed on their hearts the desire to adopt, and has continually given them dreams reminding them of His promise of a family. Two years ago, they started the adoption process.

It truly takes a village to adopt and they couldn't do this without the amazing support and prayers of family, friends and even strangers that chose to sow into this dream. This story of the Moran family that God has already written is unfolding, and they are so thankful for you and your part in it.

Mike & Karen were matched with a birth mom in March of 2017. However, the biological mom recently changed her mind and decided to keep her baby. Although it was a painful time for Mike & Karen, they remained full of peace and hope.

Only a week after the news of this disrupted adoption, on 7/7/17, the Morans were re-matched with a new birth mom and their baby GIRL is due on 8/16/17. Her name will be Jovie Emma Moran!

With the turn of events over the past weeks, the financial cost of their adoption has been significantly increased. Only a portion of the fees from the first adoption process were carried over to their current adoption. At this point, they are required to pay the fees that have not been carried over plus the estimated birth expenses. This is a lot of money needed in a short period of time, but they are believing that there will be no financial obstacles in the way of the baby God has for them.

This entire journey has been challenging for Mike & Karen, but they remain full of hope, believing that ALL OF GOD'S PROMISES for their lives and family are YES & AMEN.
We couldn't be more excited to offer this campaign joining in the efforts to make Mike & Karen's dreams a reality. We believe that when people, collectively, join forces, we can move mountains! Let's continue to stoke the flames of hope for the Moran family. Let's help bring baby Jovie home!

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