Our Story

At Be Hope Collective we believe in the meaning of social entrepreneurship, where business and purpose meet and walk hand in hand. We operate as a for-profit company rather than a non-profit organization because this model allows us to grow sustainably as a company with the hope of creating an impact at an even larger scale.

As a socially conscious company, we are committed to creating meaningful relationships with artisans, artists, social entrepreneurs and our clients. We are also committed to discovering and creating opportunities to give back to our local and global communities who are in most need.

We believe that Be Hope Collective will be a business that will make a difference in the world – but we need YOU to help us expand our reach! This is where the "collective" comes in: The artists and artisans create something beautiful for you to discover and enjoy, and as we buy these works of art that are spreading messages of hope, our dollars are going back to communities and people who need help.

As a social enterprise, the model we use at Be Hope Collective is quite simple:

  • We (and the future creative community we are connecting with) make beautiful creations.
  • We sell the products in order to sustain our company and serve as a new channel for the artists to sell their works of art.
  • We give back out of our profits to spread love, hope and opportunities throughout our local and global communities.

Be Hope Collective was born out of a deep desire to serve a purpose greater than ourselves. We desire to make a difference, no matter how big or small, within our local and global communities we have come to love through relationships we have developed over the years. We believe that we can do so while becoming financially sustainable and offering opportunities for others to do the same.

We believe in the abundance of HOPE and love that has changed our lives forever. We believe that we cannot and should not keep this beautiful gift for ourselves, and that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to HIS power which is at work within us.