Los Andes

We recently took a trip to the beautiful country of Bolivia and had the pleasure of meeting a few wonderful artists, artisans and shop owners. One of them is named Arturo.

He is an artisan and a shop owner in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We were chatting with him for quite a while in his shop and ended up buying a bunch of his products for ourselves.

We also took the opportunity to help support him even further by buying some extra knit hats with the hope that you would buy them and enjoy them. If we end up selling out of these knit hats, we'll go back and buy even more from Arturo and continue to help support his business and his family. Not only that, but a portion of the profits will go to Casa de Esperanza to help women come out of prostitution.

Bolivia is an amazing country full of beautiful people, and it's our honor to be involved in helping organizations like "Casa de Esperanza", and people like Arturo.

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