The Espwa Foundation is a Non-Profit organization that exists to develop projects that empower the people of Haiti, alleviate poverty, build relationships, and ultimately encourage HOPE through Christ’s love. ESPWA means HOPE in creole, how awesome is that!?

We personally know Jennifer Schmidt (President) and Joe Shaffer (Executive Director) of the Espwa Foundation, and throughout the years, we have witnessed their hearts for the people of Haiti. Espwa works hard to partner with the people in the area of Cape Haitien and helps them to develop sustainable solutions to the many issues people face in the Island (From providing medical assistance with medical teams, helping build a clinic, farming solutions, providing the means for students to continue school, supporting an orphanage, etc)

We partnered up with ESPWA in November of 2016 to help purchase sanitation & medical products to help hurricane relief and minimize the spread of cholera.  As many of you know, Haiti suffered severe damages during hurricane Matthew, and during their time of recovery, the need for supplies to stop cholera spread was critical. 

We (Be Hope Collective) came up with a "Let Hope Arise" design specifically inspired on the people of Haiti. Jennifer S. (Espwa's President) had shared with us, that "even though Haitians are in the middle of facing devastation, they don't loose the smiles on their faces, they get up and continue, they don't loose HOPE easily." There's a lot we can learn from them! With every purchase you made from the "Let Hope Arise" Campaign you helped raise funds to help address the needs we mentioned above. Be Hope Collective donated the profits to Espwa. 

Thank you for spreading the message of HOPE and helping the people of Haiti through the products you purchased.

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